Eppley's Market (Opening Soon!)

is an indoor year-round marketplace located in a 20,000 sq. ft. industrial retail setting. Built in 1918 by S. Ralph Eppley to be an indoor Hupmobile car dealership. Hupmobiles were manufactured from 1909 to 1939 by the Hupp Motor Car Company of Detroit. Ralph leased the space in the 1930's to A&P Grocery that adverted parking inside to purchase their wares. Our address is 40 W. North St in historic Downtown Carlisle. We are the oldest warehouse structure in Cumberland County and boast WiFi, music, and PA sound system for live music and bands. We will be open select Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for events, vendor shows, flea markets, fashion shows, farmers markets, and live music events. We boast parking in our rear lot and our property is adjacent to a 50 car borough lot that is free on the weekends. Street parking in historic Downtown Carlisle is free on the weekends as well. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay connected and learn about our upcoming events.


Chester Eppley & Samuel Ralph Eppley at Eppley Brothers Garage 19 W. North St

Full Page Millers Furniture Ad showing the space being used to Clearance 150 Dinette Sets

1930's A&P Super Market Full Page Ad boasting Indoor Parking

1920's Auto Laundry Newspaper Ad

Sorry, we have no available units. Try checking back later.