How It Works

Consignment Self Storage is an innovative new consignment solution located inside of the Carlisle Antique Mall. Our 5ft x 10ft indoor climate controlled consignment storage units are only $60 per month! Forget paying consignment commissions ranging from 40% to 60%. Simply rent a consignment storage space, add your inventory into our software, and join CAMs web store. You'll even have your own web store link to share on social media. Customers will purchase your wares solely on CAMs web store where they can pay with a credit card, or PayPal then pick up during our business hours. We'll provide you with a secure lock that works with our master key. When a customer buys an item online our software emails them a receipt and catalogs their purchase for pick up. The buyer then comes to CAM with their receipt, we'll verify it, release the item in our software, then open the unit to allow the customer to pick up their purchase. Vendor checks are cut biweekly. 

Consignment Self Storage is the newest and safest way to sell online. Transactions are secure and your identity will remain completely anonymous. What are you waiting for? Click the link below to join our waiting list today!

Consignment Self Storage Units (5 x 10)

Secure, indoor, conditioned, 5ft x 10ft consignment self-storage units.

$60 / month

Waiting List

If the following sounds familiar, consider consigning with CAM.

  • I'm paying for self storage and my bill keeps increasing. I'd like to sell a few items over time without paying an arm and a leg.

  • My collection has gotten out of hand; it's time to liquidate and reclaim my spare bedroom and/or garage.

  • I've tried selling online.  It's risky, frustrating, time-consuming; and I don't like paying the auction fees, chasing down money, handling complaints and refunds, or inviting strangers to my house.

  • I need some extra cash and have a lot of nice things to sell but don't have the time or money or desire to run my own shop full time.

  • I inherited a bunch of stuff that I don't want but that is too good to just throw away.

  • I love to shop for great vintage things that I can't really use but just know there's a market for them.

  • My tastes have changed, and I need to sell my old treasure trove so that I can start/continue building a new one.

  • I've always wanted to own my own small business but want to start out with something small and see if it's for me.

  • I love to travel and antique and would like to be able to write off some of the expenses involved.

  • I'm retired, have an interest in antiques and collectibles.

  • Running my own shop takes more time and money than I ever imagined. I want my life back!

  • I've been paying for spaces at flea markets but am tired of the physical labor required, unpleasant and/or unpredictable weather conditions, bad checks, losing sales because I don't take all credit cards, and being confined to a hot (or cold) spot for 8 straight hours when I'd rather be out there shopping with everyone else.  Getting up and out by 4 a.m., all the setting up and tearing down, the packing and unpacking -- for the show, at the show, after I get back home -- is getting old and costly.