Vendor FAQs

1- What are my responsibilities as a Vendor? 

  • Stay within your boundaries. All your merchandise must stay in your booth.
  • Clean your booth weekly and after events to avoid a cleaning fee (We inspect booths at the end of each month). 
  • Decorate your space for the season, remove seasonal items in a timely fashion, and rotate merchandise to keep it fresh.
  • No Consigned items (you must be the owner of all items in your booth).

 2- Do I need insurance? 

  • Yes, we highly recommend that you obtain your business insurance for any loss that might occur. The mall is not responsible for any losses. 

3- How do I get my furniture, cushions, pillows, or anything with batting sprayed? 

  • Fill out the spray log, let the front desk know, and text the software at 717-388-2613 so there is a way for Brian to review and respond to you when the item is ready. All sprayed items must have a yellow tag attached from management before they can enter the sales floor by law. The state of PA routinely inspects and enforces this, any infringements come with fines from the state that will be billed to the vendor if procedures are not followed.

4- Where do I park? 

  • Parking is free in CAM’s back lot.
  • Meters are free after 4 pm and on weekends.

5- Loading Bay Rules

  • Loading Dock – move your vehicle immediately after unloading – The loading dock cannot be used as a parking spot.
  • The new garage code is unique to your account- Do not share it with anyone. 
  • You are responsible for all doors to be closed and secured. Our new loading bay door opener is set to automatically close after 60 seconds. The garage door safety sensors were adjusted to 24in off the ground to make sure the door sensor sees your car and doesn't close on your vehicle while pulling out. Upon exiting, make sure that the door is still within eyesight until it's completely shut.

6- How do I enter my inventory? 

  • Go to (vendors tab & login) and sign into Ricochet.

Click here for the instructional video: 

7- What is the sale split?  

  • The mall collects 5% from every sale. 

8- When and how do I get paid? 

  • Checks are available bi-monthly on the 1st and after the 15th.
  • Pick up your check at the counter during business hours only; the front desk staff will assist you (you will add your initials to state that you have received it). *Only front desk staff are allowed behind the counter.

9- How do I view my payment history? 

  • Go to, and click on the ellipsis () on the right of the homepage to access your payment history.

10- How do I have a booth-wide sale? 

  • Text (717) 388-2613 at least 7 days in advance with sales percentage and start/end date to ensure requests at added in time. 

11- What can I do to promote my booth and gain more sales? 

12- How do I tag my items? 

  • You would need to purchase a Dymo 450 or 550 label printer (a requirement for all vendors). They can be found on Amazon, eBay, FBMP, Mecari, previous vendors or at Here's a link to Amazon's best-priced Dymo printer:
  • Label size and requirements- All items must be scannable to be sellable: The ideal label size is 2.25 x 1.25 (do not fold barcode).
  • If you have multiples of a particular item, you must accurately calculate the quantity to reflect that amount.
  • Mark firm on items over $20 that you’re not willing to give 10% with cash sale.
  • Add dimensions on furniture tags and any pertinent information.

13- What happens to my items that are brought to the register with no tags or scannable tags?   

  • They will be dated and placed in the no-tag cart to retrieve. All items older than 30 days will become mall property. 

 14- How do I have a select item sale? 

  • Slash the original price on the tag and choose the percentage amount from the Department drop-down box in your listing. If you change a tag you must update the software.

15- How do we communicate and share important information? 

  • Please join The Carlisle Antique Mall Vendors Only group on Facebook.
  • Follow The Carlisle Antique Mall on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Turn on notifications for our posts.
  • Please respond to questions about your items that are posted on our social media to close the sale.
  • Keep your profile up to date and read your emails.

 16- What is the best way I can communicate a problem? 

  • Text us at 717-388-2613. This comes to the CAM software and links to your account. This is not linked to a personal cellphone and is only visible to staff during office hours.

17- Does Ricochet have an App? 

18- What are the WiFi credentials at CAM? 

  • The network name for the mall area is Mall (password: BestMall)
  • The network name for the market area is Market (password:bestmarket)


Step-by-Step Ricochet Tutorials


Below is a list of YouTube videos with step-by-step instructions on how to perform your daily activities with Ricochet: 


  • Navigating Ricochet:
  • Ricochet Page Overview:
  • Adding Consigned Inventory:
  • Adding Items Online:
  • Adding a Retail Item:
  • Ringing Up a Sale:
  • Editing and Voiding Sales:
  • Printing Labels:
  • Intro to Cash and More:
  • Ricochet Go App Log In Tutorial:

You can use the following link to access our FAQ page:, and this one to view and order your printer and labels (scroll down to the bottom of the page):

And here's our Facebook page:

Thank you again for choosing the Carlisle Antique Mall!