Vendor SOPs

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for The Carlisle Antique Mall

Loyalty Program: a. Adding Customers to Loyalty Program: i. It is important to add every customer purchasing the loyalty program for customer retention and communication purposes. ii. Each customer's information must be cataloged in the system, including every purchase made, notes such as tax ID, and permission to toggle off the sales tax for future transactions. iii. Customers in the loyalty program receive a 10% discount when paying in cash for items over $20, excluding those marked "FIRM" on the price tag. iv. No other discounts should be offered unless there is a booth-wide sale without adding the customer to the loyalty program.

b. Vendor Interactions: i. Whenever contacting a vendor on behalf of a customer, ensure the customer is added to the loyalty program before negotiating any potential discounts.

c. Cash Payment Policy: i. The 10% discount for items over $20 applies only to cash payments. ii. A cash payment must accompany any discount given. iii. In cases where the purchase amount exceeds what can be withdrawn from an ATM, the customer should pay at least $500 in cash, as the ATM has that amount available. iv. If the customer cannot use the ATM, a one-time waiver may be granted, with a note added to the customer's profile for reference.

Tracking High-Spending Customers: i. The loyalty program allows us to track high-spending customers and target them with special offers to enhance customer retention.

By adhering to these Standard Operating Procedures, The Carlisle Antique Mall aims to maintain efficient operations, maximize customer satisfaction, and optimize sales strategies for the benefit of the business. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Adding Customers to the Loyalty Program at The Carlisle Antique Mall

Accessing the POS System: a. When logged into the POS system, locate the field marked "Vendor/Customer" on the right-hand side of the screen. b. Identify the yellow box with a plus symbol within the "Vendor/Customer" field and click on this symbol to add a customer to the loyalty program.

Customer Information Requirements: a. Upon clicking the plus symbol, ensure the following customer details are entered accurately: i. Name ii. Date iii. Phone number iv. Email v. Address, then click "save".

Loyalty Program Enrollment: a. Tell Customers About Loyalty Program: i. Always inquire if the customer is enrolled in the loyalty program when they come to check out, regardless of whether they state it unprompted. ii. This proactive approach minimizes confusion and expedites the checkout process. For information on the Loyalty Program, review the Loyalty Program Outline SOP.

b. Sales Tax Toggle and Tax Information: i. Toggle off Sales Tax: - If a customer provides their tax information, toggle off the sales tax in the system and save this detail in the customer's notes. - Tax-exempt vendors must be saved in the loyalty program to ensure the system automatically removes tax for eligible transactions.

c. Monitoring Sales Tax Toggles: i. Attention to Detail: - Carefully monitor the sales tax toggle settings to prevent processing transactions with incorrect tax amounts. - Immediate correction or verification is crucial as processing a sale with incorrect tax requires voiding the entire transaction and rerunning it, impacting customer experience and operational efficiency.

Implementing these procedures in adding customers to the loyalty program at The Carlisle Antique Mall ensures accurate customer data capture, seamless tax exemption management, and efficient checkout processes, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.