Preserving our history!

We are excited to extend an exclusive invitation to be a part of CAM's storied history, tracing back to the landmark construction of Montgomery Ward & Company in 1918. Nestled within this iconic building are the echoes of various esteemed furniture stores that have graced its walls over decades, each contributing to its distinct charm. From the beloved Myers Furniture Store to the renowned Miller’s Furniture Store and later Andrews Furniture Store, this space holds a heritage of showcasing top-tier furniture and exquisite décor.

After a transformative phase as a Consignment Gallery from 2005 to 2010, the building underwent a period of repose before CAM acquired it, meticulously restoring its original 1920s allure. The rear market, now an integral part of our antique department store, was once an indoor Hupmobile dealership established by S. Ralph Eppley. By the 1930s, this space was leased to the renowned A&P Grocery Store, offering customers the convenience of indoor parking alongside their shopping experience.

Located in the captivating Downtown Carlisle, the Carlisle Antique Mall stands as a vibrant haven for aficionados of antique treasures. With a flourishing community of over 100 dedicated vendors, we curate a diverse array of high-quality merchandise that encompasses everything from timeless primitives and enduring mid-century modern pieces to captivating retro finds, innovative up-cycled creations, captivating music and fabulous vintage clothing. We eagerly await your unique contributions to our collective tapestry, inviting you to join our exclusive waiting list today.

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