We Love Our Vendors!

Located in historic downtown Carlisle

Searching for the best value and location? Look no further! The Carlisle Antique Mall is located in the heart of Cumberland County. Our vintage department store is surrounded by award winning eateries, and bustling colleges; among other attractions. We boast shared office space, an interior van height loading dock, and central checkout system.

The tools and resources you need to stay on track and keep your business profitable.

Let CAM be the incubator for your business by organizing and keeping track of your product and sales data. Our vendors can access up to the minute sales data from the convenience of their phone and from the comfort of their home! It's as simple as going to your booth's unique login and entering your credentials. From there, you can view your current inventory, payouts, payout history, and print your own tags.

CAM incentivizes customers to return by creating a loyalty program. We track customer spending and exchange points for store credit when shopping thresholds are met. We’re also able to communicate directly to our shoppers to thank them with special events, discounts, and promotions.

Reporting is often the most overlooked part of a business. Knowing exactly where the market is trending, how and when your sales are most active, understanding your profit margin with various splits, all this information is critical to your booth’s success. CAM’s built-in reports are all exportable to .csv which allows you to dig deeper using the spreadsheet tool of your choice.

Explore the long-term growth and changes to your booth by viewing unlimited historical sales data. Your inventory and sales data are always there and ready so you can find the insights you need most. With inventory and payout history built-in, you can easily find and export the exact data needed for income tax and business loans. So much more than just pretty; our reports are the key to your long-term growth.

Transacting with CAM will allow you to focus more of your time on treasure hunting and creating magic for your customers. Simply log-in to select your space, e-sign your month-to-month vendor license and pay conveniently from your mobile device. We even boast automatic text message and e-mail reminders, so you’ll never be out of the loop. You’ll have the ability to completely transact on the go, and even set up auto pay! Your full booth billing history and vendor agreement are displayed and downloadable in your portal as well, and multiple payment methods can be encrypted and saved for your convenience. Click the Waiting List icon to apply, today! We hope to see you in Historic Downtown Carlisle soon.

Vendor Space Waiting List (10 x 15)

Please email 5 pictures of previous booths to manager@carlisleantiquemall.com. A member of our team will reach out to discuss the mall opportunities with you and to set up a time to tour CAM!

$250 / month

Waiting List

Keep Track Of Your Business!

Easily track and stay on top of the most important part of your business. Inventory is easier to manage, faster to create, and quicker to find with CAM. Print your own custom label templates, create hundreds of product variants in minutes, and set inventory minimums to make sure you always have your most in-demand products stocked and ready to sell.

Scalable and Searchable

As your store grows, your inventory can be difficult to handle. Search and navigate your inventory rapidly with unique search functions and self- organizing tables, and product states.

Full Retail Capability

Manage your store's inventory from the comfort of your own home. Choose what items are standard retail items and which have auto discounts attached.

Powerful Variant Architecture

Create variants of your retail products to clean up and organize your products by any attribute set up you need. Create variants based on unique categories such as toddler or suit sizing.

Efficient & Clear Data Entry

Easily navigate the inventory creation page with a clear and detailed navigation.

Integrated Label Printing

You can print labels from the master sheet or directly from a specific product detail page. Print hundreds of labels at once or quickly replace torn or damaged product labels straight from an iPad in the mall.

Archive & Clean Up Clutter

Clean up products you’re not carrying anymore from your master inventory to help organize and clean up as your store grows.

Rewards & Store Credit

CAM incentivizes our customers to come back and do more business with your business. We create reward benefit thresholds and track their earnings to spend on more of your products.

Vendor Dashboard

Quickly see the information you need most with vendor dashboards. See how your sales are doing for the day and other inventory among other features.

Fully Exportable Tables

Reports are all exportable to CSV to allow you to dig deeper using the spreadsheet tool of your choice.

Data Never Expires

Explore the long-term growth and changes to your booth with custom date pickers. Go back as far as you want, the data is always there and ready.
Take control of your data and find the insights you need most.

DYMO Label Printer

Label printer for producing barcode labels for your items.

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Printer Installation Instructions

DYMO Labels

2.25in X 1.25in DYMO printer labels.

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1in X 1.5in DYMO printer labels.

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Jewelry Butterfly DYMO printer labels.

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